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Torben Ørskov

Torben Ørskov founded the company when he was 25 and had just returned from the US. He had worked in a department store and for a wholesale company that sold design products.

With knowledge of how to create a business based on design products and with lots of his own ideas about made a good good design, he started his own store  with his own ideas. The idea was to produce simple and functional designs at reasonable prices.

From 1953 – 1986, Form og Farve in Copenhagen was the place to go if you were looking for something trendy and functional for your home. Form og Farve was an institution in Denmark for all the young and style conscious.

Torben Ørskov must be said to be one of the most important design merchants in Denmark in the 1950s and 1960s. He started a production of several designs, which today have become classics. One of his great talents was his expertise of collaborating with designers.

Torben Ørskov was close friends with Jørgen Utzon, Kristian Vedel, Finn Juhl, Jørgen Møller and not least Hans Bølling, who all designed several products that he put into production.

Today the company has been taken over by the 2. generation in the family, where Jeppe Ørskov owns and operates the life work. With more than 60 years of experience in Design and the Arts and Crafts industry, the company continues to attach great importance to maintaining the consistency in the design strategy that can be traced back to 1953

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