Since 1953 Ørskov Copenhagen has created uncompromising and ground-breaking designs and interior for Danish and international homes. High quality products at reasonable prices, made in respect for nature and a more sustainable future. The company was established by Torben Ørskov with the ambition to create everyday products in  well-designed and beautiful colors made to last for a long time and to bring daily joy. 

Right from the start Torben Ørskov teamed up with a network of the best Danish architects and designers including Jørn Utzon and Finn Juhl – collaborations that has resulted in innovative yet timeless designs that over time have achieved iconic status and a number of design awards.

Torben opened his own shop “Form & Farve” in Copenhagen in 1953, based on his experience from his work in a department store and a wholesale design company in USA. 

Form & Farve quickly became a Danish institution for all the style-conscious young people. Torben opened 5 Form & Farve design shops. One in Germany and 4 in Denmark from 1953 to 1986. The shops were the place to go to, if you wanted something trendy and functional for your home. 

In 1986 Ørskov only focused on wholesale and in 2013 the first web shop was made and named In 2017 Copenhagen was added to the brand name and the logo was redesigned. 

The red and white logo was designed back in 1952 by Jørn Utzon and has been the trademark ever since.

Today the company is run by Torben Ørskov’s son, Jeppe Ørskov and his wife Signe Ottesen Ørskov. They continue the family business with the same philosophy to create and produce new affordable classics, based on beautiful craftmanship and a love for material.  

“This also applies to our use of recycled leather – a consistent element in our classic designs. We believe that with a sustainable approach in everything we do, we can limit our footprint on the environment – without compromising on design and quality.

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