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A sustainable alternative to regular leather

We love the smell of leather at Ørskov. This also applies to recycled leather! and we care

But what is recycled leather? Our recycled leather is made from 100% vegetable-dyed natural leather.

The recycled leather is made from industrial waste from material that would normally go to waste, for example sandals.

The waste pieces are then crushed and recycled by adding water and a natural latex (a natural binder product from rubber trees) to make a new sheet of leather.

After the leather sheet is made and the correct color is applied, a PU coating is placed on top of the leather to prevent dirt and grease from sticking to the surface and to ensure ease of maintenance.

The plate is then shaped into our classic leather designs – perfect for everyday use.

Ørskov Copenhagen believes in respecting our nature and the world around us. We are part of nature and aim for positive changes in the future.

We thrive on being part of a sustainable future by using recycled materials.

Our goal is to produce quality products and designs that will be used and loved over a long period of time

We focus on awareness and honest business practices in everything we do, from handmade products to supply chain transparency and sustainability.

We make our high-quality products with a clear conscience.

With a sustainable approach in everything we do, we can limit our footprint on the environment without compromising on design and quality.


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