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Ørskov Copenhagen has always valued the timeless beauty and quality of leather. This extends to our recycled leather, which serves as a sustainable alternative to conventional leather.

Our recycled leather is made exclusively from vegetable-tanned natural leather. This innovative approach to leather production involves the reuse of leather remnants that would otherwise go to waste, such as excess material from shoe manufacturing.

These leather scraps are crushed and repurposed by adding water and natural latex, a binding agent derived from rubber trees.

This process results in the creation of a new leather sheet.

Once the leather sheet is produced and dyed to the desired shade, a PU coating is applied to protect the surface from dirt and grease, making maintenance easy and hassle-free.

Our recycled leather is then used to create our iconic leather designs, perfect for daily use and complementary to any interior.

At Ørskov Copenhagen, our commitment to sustainability and the environment is central to our mission.

With a sustainable approach in everything we do, we aim to minimize our environmental impact without compromising on design and quality.

Our goal is to produce products and designs that are not only of high quality but also cherished and used for many years.

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