Gift Card 1000


Gift Card 1000


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Gift card 1000

Gift card 1000

Treat a friend, family member or colleague, with a gift card from Orskov Copenhagen. The wide range of products ensures that the receiver can choose exactly what they want.

Whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or just a surprise, our gift cards are a sure winner.

The best thing about an Orskov gift card is that it is easy and convenient. You can buy it online and choose the amount that suits your budget.

Orskov has a timeless and elegant design that fits any style and decor. The products are suitable for both daily use and festive occasions, and they add a touch of Scandinavian minimalism and functionality to your home.

Orskov Copenhagen offers a wide selection of products for the home, including serving trays, bowls, storage boxes, textiles and much more. The design is characterized by a combination of functionality and aesthetics that fits perfectly with Nordic design tradition.

Nordic design emphasizes high quality and sustainability. It embraces nature as an important source of inspiration and often uses natural materials such as leather. The color palette is subdued and earthy, with shades of white, grey, black and natural colours. Orskov Copenhagen uses recycled leather for the majority of our range.

If you are looking for timeless, minimalist and functional designs, Nordic design is an excellent choice. It adds an elegant and calm atmosphere to any room and reflects the beauty found in simplicity.

Order your gift card now and make people smile.


You have to print the gift card yourself.

The gift card can be ordered from 30 EUR to 150 EUR

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