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Jørgen Møller letter tray


Hold your papers and magazines in place, with a stylish letter tray. Architect Jørgen Møller designed this original letter tray for Ørskov Copenhagen. The classic design fits into any home, with its timeless Danish design.

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to place your papers anywhere without it looking cluttered. The design makes it easy to hold your papers and magazines in place without them flying to all sides. Perfect for home magazines in the living room, handwritten recipes in the kitchen or for papers and letters in the modern office. With the classic design, the letter tray can also be used in the children’s room, as they can be beautifully included in any room, due to their timeless and simple expression.

With the letter tray you can also easily divide a shelf in your bookcase. If you want to store magazines and papers side by side, this letter tray is a smart and convenient solution. It is also possible to have your magazines, brochures and papers on a sideboard or at your fingertips on your desk with this simple and timeless bookend.

Jørgen Møller letter tray is in a minimal design made of metal.

The letter tray is a well-known design and with its timeless expression can be used in countless contexts, in private homes, in offices, in companies – all places where there is a need to keep paper and magazines in order.


The letter tray can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

The letter tray is available in three colors: white, black and red.

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Jørgen Møller was a renowned Danish architect and designer. During his lifetime, he designed many utility items for Danish homes and the international market.

“For me, form and function are the key words – in reverse order. Functionality is crucial, and only when you have achieved this can you begin to develop the form. Decorations have no function, and I strive for this to simplify the art ” Jørgen Møller.

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