String bag Heavy Long Handle outlet

Original price was: €18,00.Current price is: €12,50.


String bag Heavy Long Handle outlet

Original price was: €18,00.Current price is: €12,50.

Original price was: €18,00.Current price is: €12,50.

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String Bag Heavy Long Handle outlet


String bag heavy long handle outlet in 100% pure cotton

If you want to replace your plastic bag with a more sustainable choice, then our trendy string bags in organic cotton are just the thing for you. It is made of 100% cotton. It was designed by Torben Ørskov and first saw the light of day in Denmark over 50 years ago. There are four types of string bags. The original string bag with long handle, original string bag with short handle, heavy string bag with long handle and heavy string bag with short handle.

The string bag is also a statement to say NO to plastic bags and YES to sustainability.

It is available in 3 different colours. It is reusable and fashionable. The colors are constantly being adapted so that they match the colors that are at the forefront of the fashion scene.

The string bag is cute and practical and can be used for everything from gym bags, shopping nets, beach bags and much more. Our string bags are a good choice when shopping. They can expand, so you can use them for both large and small. Use it for shopping, storage and transport. They are light and take up almost no space, making them ideal for taking on holiday.

You can reuse it as many times as you want. Our string bags are washable, durable and collapsible. You can easily pack our original string bags in your pocket or bag.

There are two types of handles, long and short. Both handles are soft and easy to grip. Short handles make it easy to carry with your hands. Long handles mean it can be carried comfortably on the shoulders.

Our string bags have been very popular for many years, and can therefore be seen on the street and in stores worldwide.

We love our string bags!



Designed by Torben Ørskov in 1969

The string bag is available in 3 different colours

Heavy String bag long handel can be washed at 40° and is 85 cm. long.

See others color and sizes here.

Read more about Ørskov here.

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