Square Leather Placemat with Matching Stiches


Square Leather Placemat with Matching Stiches



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Square leather placemat with matcing stitches

Square Leather Placemat with Matching Stiches are both practical and decorative.

They protect the dining table from food and drinks, so you do not have to worry about spilling on the table. They are also practical on the garden table at the summer lunch. You avoid scratches from glasses, plates and cutlery, which can be very stubborn to get rid of. They are water-repellent, durable and easy to clean. Placemats are therefore a really good choice to protect your table with.

In addition, placemats are a decorative choice for your table setting – a classic and stylish design to suit any occasion. Whether it’s the everyday table with the crumbs of breakfast or at Christmas Eve and the greasy stains of the sauce – the placemats do the trick.

The placemat has a white contrast stitching at the edge and is available in many different colors – they can therefore be used in the table setting to emphasize the special occasion. For example, the dusty blue for the Nordic look, the beautiful burgundy at the Christmas table or a classic brown for everyday. Perfect for creating your whole expression in the dish.

The placemat is also available in other shapes – the circular or oval. Furthermore, they are available with white contrast seams at the edge.

They also fit in design with our napkin rings and glass pieces, which are also available in several colors and shapes.

Square leather placemat with matching stitches is a durable, aesthetic and environmentally friendly choice.

Our Square Leather Placemat with Matching Stiches have been popular for many, many years, and can be found in several homes around the world.


The placemat is made of recycled leather.

The placemat can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

The placemat is available in 5 colors.

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NOTE: When using placemats in general, be aware that foods that give off strong color, e.g. curry, ketchup etc. should be wiped off the placemat immediately so that the dye from these foods does not penetrate into the placemat and cannot be washed off.

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