Posterhanger in Aluminum 30 cm.


Posterhanger in Aluminum 30 cm.


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Posterhanger aluminum 30 cm.

Hang posters simply and affordably while preserving the print’s beautiful expression. Jørgen Møller designed these original poster hangers for Ørskov Copenhagen, way back in 1982. The classic hanger fits into every home, with its timeless Danish design.

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to replace the work easily and simply. The design makes it perfect for use at, for example, schools, galleries and companies that occasionally have to change prints on the wall – or for the many memories that grow in step with the children.

Minimal design made of aluminum. The poster hanger gently adheres to the top and bottom edges of your print, giving you an elegant yet neutral hanging solution. A pre-drilled hole, centered on the back of the top bar, provides a perfectly balanced frame when hanging on the included nail.

The posterhanger is well known and used all over the world by companies, schools, galleries, artists, photographers and many more. Use it to hang posters, prints and photos – only the imagination sets limits. Can also be used for tapestries, flags and other decorations that can be attached to the fittings that hold the work.


Posterhanger aluminum 30 cm is delivered in a set, which includes the following: 2 aluminum rods (one for top and one for bottom), 4 rubber plugs, plastic fittings and a nail.

Here’s how it works: mount the plastic fittings on your poster, two at the top and two at the bottom. Slide the aluminum rods over the fittings you have mounted and place the rubber plugs on each of the ends. Place the nail in the wall, in the middle of where you want your poster hung up. Mount the upper aluminum bar on the nail. You can now enjoy your poster while knowing that it hangs securely on the wall. See installation video further down the page.

This size fits posters of max 30 cm. in width.

Measures a total of 31.5 cm.

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Watch the video below on how to mount the posterhanger on a poster.

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