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Espresso spoons


The espresso spoons are one of the best selling products from the Lava Collection. It was designed by Ørskov Copenhagen. The package contained a set of 4 exquisite espresso spoons in a nice little box. It is made of 18/8 stainless steel, which is an excellent metal for kitchen equipment. The spoons are made of high-quality stainless steel.
The spoons are a popular choice for coffee enthusiasts due to the product’s durability and long-lasting utensil that can withstand frequent use. It is 9.5 cm and it is perfect for measuring espresso. It can be used to stir in sugar or cream or to enjoy the espresso directly from the cup.
It is a good alternative to plastic spoons.

It has an elegant design. The design is inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship.
The espresso spoons have a simple and functional design like any other of the 6 other designs in the Lava Collection. The Lava Collection is famous for being neat and presentable in a simple and classic design. The espresso spoons have a unique Scandinavian design.
Our product is of high quality and dishwasher safe.
The spoons can also be used for various other tasks in the kitchen. Use them to stir small amounts of ingredients such as spices and herbs.

The perfect gift for anyone who loves coffee.

Danish Design by Ørskov Copenhagen

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