Box of 6 XX-Large Glasses


Box of 6 XX-Large Glasses


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Box of 6 XX-Large Glass


Box of 6 XX-Large glasses comes in a nice gift box.

The XX-Large glass is 15 cm high and has a circumference of 7.5 cm. The XX-Large glass can hold 500 ml.

The glass is completely clear in color and with the Ørskov logo discreetly printed on the bottom. The XX-Large glass is part of Ørskov Copenhagen’s Classic Glass Collection. Many also use the glass as vases or other forms of storage, as they are very decorative in their simplicity. You can set a very beautiful table with the different glass sizes and add decanters and glass bowls for a beautiful overall impression. The glasses are simple in design and work in the minimalist universe with a focus on simplicity and functionality. Glass can do more than just be drunk from.

The stylish glasses are available in 9 sizes.

From the small shot glass to the large XXL-large glass. The glass is made from the strong material borosilicate glass, which is a type of glass that can withstand extreme temperatures and can therefore be used in the oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher. The strong material also means that they rarely break and are therefore suitable for daily use. So whether you enjoy a cup of hot coffee or an ice cold drink, the glasses can hold it.

Stylish box with 6 XX-Large glasses in classic Ørskov Copenhagen design.

The glass also fits perfectly with the glass coasters and the leather placemats.

The glass has been popular for many years, and can be found in several homes around the world.

Danish Design by Ørskov Copenhagen

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