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Melamine Mini Bowl



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Melamine Mini Bowl

Ø:10,6 cm x H:4,8 cm

The melamine mini bowl is a small and elegant bowl that works great for candy, dips, or nuts. Designed by Jørgen Møller and Nanna Skibsted.

A melamine bowl is made of melamine plastic, which is a strong and durable synthetic material.

The melamin are popular choices for food and drinks, especially for children, as they are lightweight, shatterproof, and can withstand being dropped on the floor without breaking.

Melamine plastic is a durable and non-toxic material that is BPA-free, making it safe for food use.

Melamine bowls have a simple and modern aesthetic. They come in various colors and sizes, fitting into any home decor.

These bowls are suitable for serving breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They can be used to serve anything from porridge, salads, soups, pasta, snacks, and much more.

Note: While melamine bowls are durable and suitable for many purposes, it is not recommended to use them for heating food in the microwave, as they can become hot and potentially release chemicals. It is also advised to avoid

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