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Paper yarn is a popular material for creative projects and needlework. It is made of thin strips of paper and can be used to weave, knit, crochet or make various kinds of decorations.

One of the advantages of paper yarn is that it is environmentally friendly. By recycling paper, you reduce the amount of waste and resource consumption. In addition, paper twine can also be cheaper than traditional twine, making it an economically advantageous solution. It is a sustainable solution that gives new life to old newspapers, magazines or other paper products. The paper is cut into long, thin strips and then rolled up into yarn balls.

The yarn is available in many different colors and patterns, which makes it versatile and fun to work with. You can choose between plain colored yarn or variants with printed patterns and designs. This allows you to create unique and colorful projects.

When working with paper yarn, you can use different techniques. You can weave it on a loom or knit and crochet it just like regular yarn. You can also use it to tie bows, make tassels or make decorations for your cards and gifts.

The yarn is light and comfortable to work with and can be a fun and creative way to add texture and color to your projects. You can use it to make everything from bags and baskets to jewelry and home decor.

Paper yarn opens up a world of creative possibilities. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you can let your imagination and creativity run wild with this exciting material. Try it out and create unique projects with paper yarn.

Here at Ørskov, you can get the yarn in 4 colours. White, orange, yellow and lavender.

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